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Switch to the new version of AdSense for search

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Switch to the new version of AdSense for search

Wednesday, July 28, 2010 | 11:50:00 AM
Over the last two years, the AdSense team has offered the powerful Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) product as an improvement over the original AdSense for search. After some recent improvements, we're now ready to retire the older version of AdSense for search. If the Google logo on your search results page reads "Powered by Google" instead of the newer "Google Custom Search" then you haven't yet upgraded to the newer version. The new AdSense for search with CSE is available in your account, and we encourage you to make the switch by updating your code as soon as possible.

AdSense for search with CSE gives you more control over your search results without changing how you earn money showing AdSense for search ads. For example, with the new version, you'll have access to advanced features like refinements and promotions. Our team has developed a number of updates and improvements during the past few months, and you can access more advanced features at

Your existing AdSense for search box will continue to work normally for a few more months, and we'll be sure to update you when we retire this version. To take advantage of the benefits offered by the new version of AdSense for search and ensure you don't miss any revenue during the transition, we encourage you to update your code now. You'll just need to regenerate your AdSense for search code by signing in to your account and following these instructions:
  1. Visit your "AdSense Setup" tab and select "AdSense for Search."
  2. Select the sites you'd like your users to be able to search across (Learn More).
  3. Customize the look and feel of your search engine results.
  4. Update the code on your website.
For more information about AdSense for search with CSE, please visit our Help Center.

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